About us

Dioscoridea Sagl was founded in 2013 in Switzerland. The company offers as core activity tailor-made consulting services to companies operating in the life sciences sector. At the base of our philosophy there is the passion for knowledge, the scientific method, the maximum attention to sustainability and care for the environment. The company is located in Muzzano, Switzerland.

We support companies in the Life Science sector to achieve results and manage important projects through our expertise and know-how in the field, relying also, if needed, on a network of freelancers chosen according to your specific needs.


Our Vision

To become one of the reference points in Switzerland in the field of B2B consulting in life sciences.


Our Mission

To help companies in the Life Science sector to achieve results providing B2B quality services and customised solutions, managing important projects.


Our values

The values are customer orientation, scientific thinking, integrity, innovation

DIOSCORIDEA: The origin of our name

Our company name is the fusion between a person's name (Dioscorides) and a philosophical term (idea).

Dioscorides (Pedanius), Anazarbus (Πεδάνιος Διοσκουρίδης) 40-90 A.D., was a doctor, botanist and pharmacist practicing his art in Rome. Very famous during the following centuries was his work in 5 books, the "De Materia Medica". His figure synthesizes our greatest passion: the scientific knowledge in the sector of Life Sciences.

According to Plato, the Idea is the ontological foundation of reality: ideas are the reason that makes the world, the "forms" with which the Demiurge shaped it. They are also the cause that allows us to think about the world; they are therefore the prerequisite of knowledge.

Where we are

Our company is based in Switzerland and operates internationally.

Dioscoridea Sagl Consulting Services offers tailor-made services in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and life science sector in general. We gained a wide multidisciplinary experience in important Swiss companies of international scope.

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Garavani Portrait

Alberto A. Garavani

Master’s degree CTF, Pharmacist, EMBA

Dioscoridea Sagl Managing Director

Senior Pharmaceutical Consultant

Some references received as a result of our pharma and nutritional advice:

Institut Biochimique SA

«We were very pleased to have had the opportunity to use this consultancy for IBSA and we highly appreciated the preparation, professionalism and complete availability that was provided to us.»

Scientific Products Ltd

«Throughout many years we have done business together, you have always provided us a big support.  Your flexibility and problem solving skills has helped us overcoming the various challenges we have faced.»

Innovative Food Supplements

«Thank you very much for the time you spend in Istanbul.  The whole period was very productive, even more than expected. Your report resumes all the points we discussed and will be our guideline for our future productions.»