Frequent tablet problems

The #tablets #formulator with experience surely had to cope with some of the problems here described and knows the right strategies.
Sometimes when everything seems ok in the R&D and pilot scale, a problem can happen in industrial scale production and when it happens the company have to waste materials and work (and money.. yes) as a consequence of one of these problems.
The right planning at the very beginning of the #formulation process & using the right strategies could avoid any problem in higher scale.

Some of the main problems:
Hardness (too low or too high)
Sticking / Picking
Capping / Laminating
Weight not under control

These could happen quite frequently and the complete picture to reach the right tablet must be considered. Varying one single parameter to reduce or avoid one problem could not solve the issue. You must be very elastic and use possibly DoE, taking quality results as the objective.
Solving issues like (e.g.): quality/milling/sieving of powders/granules, their flowability and compressibility, humidity of the powders, compression force, precompression, proper lubricants and glidants could be used by the skilled formulator. #garavanics #garavaniconsultingservices